XBRBE-00002 XJewellery Double Bronze link

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XBRBE-00002 XJewellery Double Bronze link

X by Trollbeads a new and unique jewellery concept. Designed for you to create unexpected combinations and express your own personal style - with a twist… Discover your own...


The elegant and simple loop symbolizing the historic use of bronze. From building ships, because of its resistance to saltwater – to the strings on a guitar, because of the flexibility that can hold a tone, and now in jewellery with its hard density and warm colour.


Lise Agaard


Tough enough to withstand the natural elements, flexible enough to create beautiful music - welcome to a new bronze age!

Bronze is golden in color, but will soon begin to take on a warmer, darker glow as it reacts with the air. If you like a little patina on your jewellery, just keep your links free of dust, and you'll get along just fine. If you're the kind that likes your jewellery to sparkle like new, just give your links a rub with a polishing cloth to maintain the original golden color.

But no matter what, be kind to your links and never use chemicals for cleaning. Bronze is an alloy consisting of copper and tin.

There is no nickel in our bronze alloy.

  • Dimension: Weight: 2,50 g
  • Dimension (pendant): 2 cm
  • Material : Main Material: Bronze

This silver / gold charm bead fits Trollbeads bracelets and Trollbeads necklaces. Perfect if you are creating a glass Trollbeads bracelet or necklace. Trollbeads jewelry are delivered together in the original Trollbeads box with 2 years warranty. (if you separate package like you can indicate this + may leave a message with your order in the shopping basket)

Purchased Trollbeads are always sent by insured and registered mail.

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  • Designer

    Lise Aagaard

    “I like to think that people will carry our bracelets with them, creating and building something unique, as their lives go forward.”   Lise created Trollbeads; from its conception into a truly international company. Moreover, she created a whole new category within jewellery - bead on bracelet. Coming from a family of jewellers, she has had the “lifelong privilege of being immersed in a constant learning environment of art, form, and material”. She sees the launch of the X Collection as a completely new and unique way for people to personalise a bracelet. The breadth and diversity of X links in the range means that people will be able to create their own meanings and statements, building something that reflects their own personality and individual tastes. It is, Lise says, “an extra personal collection”, with links that are “poetic”. “I like to think that people will carry our bracelets with them, creating and building something unique, as their lives go forward”. Lise decided to use a material with a rubber like surface known as ‘Rubber X’ in the X by Trollbeads collection because “it’s both stylish and fun”. She also believes that the way the X links ‘click’ together with a simple twist, without the need for a chain or a lock, makes them all the more appealable. As for the diverse team of designers who worked on the X by Trollbeads collection: “I’m really pleased with their work. Each designer has approached it in their own way, bringing their own texture and style. Taken together, such diversity produces a wonderful array of ideas and emotions.” Lise sees the X by Trollbeads collection as a living, breathing project: “We’ll continue to evolve the X by Trollbeads ...

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