Kim Buck

It is fascinating to work with Trollbeads, because Trollbeads is really the essence of what jewellery is all about - jewellery becomes a type of talisman for us and gets a very personal significance for the people who wear it every day. We build a relationship with jewellery from the moment we get it, maybe as a gift from a lover, and expand day by day this relationship and the jewelry's importance to us.

Trollbeads are the perfect supports for these relationships with their various small meanings and universes within themselves. Although we, as designers of Trollbeads, have an idea about them from the outset, we have a clear desire that those who wear them give them a new meaning - that is actually the point. That is what makes all Trollbeads unique.

"Kim Buck is an excellent example of a modern craftsman who obviously knows his craft right down to his fingertips, who knows the traditions of his profession and the field's importance in a cultural context, but is also an innovator in terms of materials, techniques and tools, and last but not least in his influence as a participant and commentator in the community, using the skills he has been blessed with."

By Bettina Købbe (extract)