Kristi Denning

I have loved animals, of all shapes and sizes, since I was a small child. I am fascinated by the adaptations living creatures develop to help cope with their specialized environments. I can spend hours in observation of the most minute creatures. Some of my earliest memories are of searching the garden for snails so I could watch them crawl over my hands.

Art has been a hobby for my entire family. I tend to dabble in many types of projects. I string jewellery, draw, colour, photography, design with flowers and in the garden.

Trollbeads have become a great love for me. My first interest in Trollbeads was the fact that I could get my favourite animals on a bracelet. And not just the animals you find in a zoo but also the creatures you find in fairy stories. My first, and still favourite, Trollbead is the Lucky Dragon.

"Since winning People's Bead 2010 I have met many Trollbeads enthusiasts. I have never in my life met so many people who go out of their way to be kind to each other. Trollbeads collectors are like a family, meet another Trollie and you have a friend for life. I feel so privileged and proud to be a part of that."