Marjoke van de Plassche

'I am a biologist and that's probably why a lot of my ideas for jewelry are based on nature and environmental issues. I began designing jewelry just about a year ago, after taking a Goldsmith course at a local art centre, and I haven't been able to stop ever since!

I'm excited about all the exciting possibilities of working with metals, but especially enameling has caught my attention. I love the combination of transparent colored glass on pure silver.

Apart from being a biologist and a jewelry-hobbyist, I am also a mother of three children, so my life is really busy. Most ideas just bubble up when I do the daily chores like laundry, the dishes or changing diapers. The only problem is that I have more ideas than time!

As Trollbeads is becoming an international organization, I hope a bead concerning environmental issues will be added to its collection. Preferably to make a positive change. I hope in this way my design will contribute to a better world for all children - including my own.'