The Lithuania Group

The Lithuania Group

(From left to right: Raminta Tamulevičiūtė, Roberta Dubinskaitė, Daiva Gedvilienė, Snežana Milejeva, Tatjana Jurkevičienė, Jurgita Bacevičienė)

Raminta Tamulevičiūtė

Everyone feels happy and valuable when doing their favorite work. I am pleased that I have this opportunity. I can find inspiration and new ideas for beads in books and when listening to music. I created the bead "Christmas Morning" one warm and sunny spring morning when I remembered Christmas.

Roberta Dubinskaitė

I have tried a variety of activities from completing language studies to working in administration with an insurance company. I have only worked with glass for two years, but I have come to realize that the greatest joy is when work gives pleasure. My inspiration comes when I am working with glass. After turning on a good audio book, my thoughts begin to travel the world, through various people's lives and in that moment, my hands can do miracles with glass. According to Shakti Gawain “The key to creativity - is a desire to try something, take a chance and see what happens.” My designs emerge spontaneously, like my favorite books with unexpected turns of the story. I admire the harmony of nature. I try to reconstruct a little piece of nature when I am designing aquariums. I am inspired to make them more natural when I see the sea, ice, sky, or rain. So my dominate color is blue.

Daiva Gedvilienė

The last ten years of my life have been associated with artistic creativity. I have worked with textiles, silk, linen, wool, but glass has opened a new magical universe, which is full of unique, remarkable, constantly changing and mysterious shapes. I am very happy that my glass beads are admired alongside those of prefessional designers.

Snežana Milejeva

Since childhood I was fascinated by people who are able to draw and paint. I think that this is one of the most interesting ways of self-expression, although I have never tried to do so myself. When I first started producing glass beads I realized that this was a way I can express myself, to convey of my thoughts and emotions. My greatest joy is having the ability to produce unique color combinations. A long time ago I dreamt of meeting the morning in the mountains of the Alps, to see how the rising sun illuminates the mountain tops.

Tatjana Jurkevičienė

From childhood, I have loved nature, its beauty and how it changes each season. I am a planting specialist. When I began to work with glass, I realized that natural beauty can be expressed in beads. Flowers are my main inspiration. The colors and shapes of them inspire me to create beautiful beads.

Jurgita Bacevičienė

In the past, I thought that the feelings could be expressed only on paper or in music. A few years ago I discovered a new creative way. When I started to work, I realized that I can create through glass. My inspiration comes from everywhere and everything. You have to be attentive to the surrounding environment. Each glass bead is eloquent, has its own history and personal meaning, reflecting my thoughts and feelings.