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Over 35 years ago the first Trollbeads born. In 1976 Søren Nielsen invented the first draft of what would later be known as Trollbeads. Therefore it is written in the logo 'Trollbeads - The Original Since 1976'. The brand is synonymous with originality: Trollbeads was the first company that designed the now so popular charms for bracelets and necklaces and brought to market.

Nevertheless, the brand Trollbeads more than just the familiar logo. It represents the expectations that people have of the way a company offers its services and products and the responsibility that feels Trollbeads for the world around us. The brand stands for quality, originality and innovative design.

With Trollbeads you create your own jewelry. Each bead has its own story, to cherish precious moments and memories.

A saver combines itself the beads on a bracelet or necklace so that she or he is a creative combination which suits her own clothes, personality or precious memories.

The combination of originality, creativity, excellence and love of quirky is what Trollbeads different from other jewelery brands. The desire and the urge to collect a basic intuition. Memories and stories are very important in life, and with Trollbeads, anyone can wear this symbol as an ornament. Trollbeads are made in collaboration with customers, and it also had clients who came up with the idea to combine beads on a bracelet to form an ornament. Still, it is the savers who continue to inspire and keep developing the concept again and again. They are the motivating force behind the brand Trollbeads! is very proud to Trollbeads Premium Plus dealer to have both online and offline. Therefore we have the whole range of Trollbeads on stock so if you ordered today, it already tomorrow. If you ordered more than € 50 this is even free delivery to your home. We also have Retired beads at home and are Limlited Edition dealer, so all the advantages under one roof. Moreover, we also have the complete X by Trollbeads collection in stock. We wish you also a lot of fun admiring the Trollbeads collection and we hope to be able to help as much as possible to tell your story through your Trollbeads bracelet.