Svend Nielsen

"I started in an apprenticeship with eight others from 1932 to 1937. Charms for bracelets was something totally new…they came from the newspapers to write about it! We made small buckets rakes and spades to hang from the bracelet - in gold.

Whatever we made had to be sold!!! They didn't want us to be too artistic! But it was okay to create "something different", "something new". That was sort of okay.

I was placed next to the assistant who made chains and strings - we got along well - we used about 5/6 of all the gold used in the workshop. We made everything in metal sheet and wire. After a year the assistant stopped and it was my luck that I had acquired the necessary skills.

After finishing my apprenticeship I only stayed for a short while - and after serving in the navy I went to Rome with my friend Carl. In the fall I started with a Goldsmith. We worked a lot in white gold and platinum. But not in the summer - then Inga and I biked to Paris and Switzerland.

Then the Germans attacked Poland - redrafted for the security force - sent home - back to white gold and brilliants - then, the 9th of April I applied for a position with Person and Østerberg - old colleagues - it was an easy time for me, they didn't pay attention to my coming and going.

In 1945 I started on my own on Kultorvet and later in Klaraboderne".

(1917 - 2007)